[House] Mercurial (Original Mix)

by Verdict

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I'm baaa-aaack! With an ass-kicking, head banging new song: Mercurial! Nothing but bass, driving beats, and smooth melodies (if I do say so myself). But don't just take my word for it; listen to it for yourself!

This is another SNR commission. I didn't state it in the title because too much space. Whatever. Plus I like it so much it stands as an actual release on its own.

And yes, this is a finished version of the previous Mercurial.

Vengeance Dubstep and House Pack 1 were used to help in the creation of the drum loops. They're so different in the song from the original sounds you wouldn't be able to tell, but I'm just saying.

Also: Sylenth1. Hot damn I love that plugin. Nothing beats it when it comes to leads.

(I love Harmor basses. Can you tell?)

Links for SporNight:
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQZzgruwHqn_aAVhPsbawg
Twitter: twitter.com/SporArmy

Links for me:
Twitter: twitter.com/Verns_Verdict

And never, EVER, follow my examples. Duh.



released August 5, 2015





Hi, I'm Vern. I play video games, make EDM, and do some GFX. Follow me for song releases, gaming videos, free graphics, and the worst puns you've ever seen.

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